Important Notice: C-E FCU and Coastal Community FCU are joining forces to merge into Coastal Community FCU.


CEFCU is Excited About Merging into Coastal Community FCU

Members may vote by mail ballot; by dropping off a completed ballot at the CEFCU office (7002 Fauna Drive); or in person at a special Member Meeting.

Important Notice: CEFCU and Coastal Community FCU have reached an agreement to merge CEFCU into Coastal Community FCU.

In order to provide our members with additional products and services, plus partner with a larger, local credit union, the Board of CEFCU is proposing to merge into Coastal Community FCU. CEFCU members will enjoy access to the following products/services:

  • Participation in All Points ATM Network (55,000 + surcharge free ATMs)
  • Full access to Coastal Community’s branches (Galveston and LaMarque)
  • Participation in the Co-op Shared Branch Network (several local credit unions located within minutes of CEFCU office)
  • Mortgage loans (purchase, refinance, and home equity)
  • Money Market Accounts
  • Certificates of Deposit for terms up to 5 years.

How was Coastal Community chosen for this partnership?

Coastal Community was chosen after the Board reviewed proposals from other local credit unions. Coastal stood out from the others by offering the following:

  • Financial strength: CEFCU and Coastal Community FCU will have over $100 Million in combined total assets (NCUA Call Report data from September 30, 2021 reports)
  • CEFCU will have continued representation at Board level. Coastal Community has offered four Board positions to the current CEFCU Board members.
  • All CEFCU full-time employees will be employed by Coastal Community.
  • Both CEFCU and Coastal use the same main computer system (CMC FLEX) which will make the transition easier for both members and employees.
  • Coastal will keep the CEFCU location (7002 Fauna Dr. Houston, TX 77061) open.
  • Coastal plans to install a stand-alone ATM on the Fauna Drive property.

Have other credit unions taken similar action?

Yes! It has become increasingly difficult for smaller credit unions to offer a full array of products and services to their members. Increased use of technology comes with a significant investment. Through partnership with a larger credit union, many smaller credit unions have chosen a merger as a strategic step.

NCUA tracks merger activity on its website ( In 2020 there were 89 credit union mergers listed. Through November 2021 there have been 119 credit union mergers listed.

Will my savings accounts continue to be insured by NCUA?

  • Yes! Both CEFCU and Coastal Community FCU are federally chartered credit unions.
  • As such, each have federal deposit insurance through NCUA, an independent federal agency.
  • All member deposits continue to be backed by NCUA up to $250,000.

What happens next?

  • The merger is contingent on a positive vote of the members of CEFCU.
  • Members may vote by mail ballot; by dropping off a completed ballot at the CEFCU office (7002 Fauna Drive); or in person at a special Member Meeting.

Mergers represent a “win/win” for credit union members. Members may have access to expended products and services through a merger, many of which would not be feasible with a smaller credit union. It ensures credit union members have a viable credit union available to them for years to come.

The CEFCU Board considered the pros/cons of the available alternatives and chose the merger path for CEFCU. The CEFCU membership deserves a strong, competitive credit union to serve their needs well into the future. The merger with Coastal Community FCU gives the members this option.